My Sifu GM Victor Kan.

My Sifu Grandmaster Victor Kan is synonymous with Ving Tsun Kung Fu in England. Recognised as one of the top students of Yip Man from the 1950’s and with a school established since 1975, his contribution to Classical Chinese Martial Arts in the UK is beyond question. Famed for his fierce demeanour and rigorous holding to the very highest standards, Victor Kan has insisted on passing down Classical Ving Tsun in the manner it was passed to him. His insistence on treating those who come through his door as students and not customers has led to the consistent producing of practitioners of the very highest calibre. This obstinate clinging to the classical approach to training is not for everybody in this fast-paced, modern world where the emphasis is on learning techniques for techniques sake but the man himself is a walking advert for the benefits of classical Kung Fu training – still vigorous and strong in his late age in addition to being an encyclopaedia of all things Ving Tsun related. Respected by all as "The King of Chi Sau", his fellow student Wong Shun Leung had this to say about him in 1976 to the people of England:

"He opened his gym in England to add glory to the Chinese martial arts in that far-away land. He has trained many Chinese and foreign disciples by now. The rules in his gym are very strict. All the pupils must kneel to the portrait of late Grandmaster Yip Man each time they enter or leave the gym. A pupil showing the slightest disrespect could be expelled. Therefore, his disciples all show respect for their teacher and the doctrine of the style. That the foreigners are so obedient to him is an unmistakable evidence of his true mastery of martial arts. It is also a glory to the Chinese. Though I am his elder fellow disciple, I admire with all my heart his deed of glorifying Chinese martial arts and making the foreigners have a correct understanding of this heritage of the Chinese nation. We can look forward to some day when Chinese martial arts will be as popular in foreign countries as in the land of its origin. When I write this article, I do not expect any pay for an author, nor have I received any gift from Mr. Kan. Only I do not want to see a man of true talent left unknown by the people. Any man of true worth should be presented to the society so that people who are to learn the Ving Tsun style will not kneel to a wrong teacher. It should be good news to foreigners who wish to learn the Ving Tsun Style."

by Sifu Daivd Lomax