Ip Man
group photo London UK 1981

1981, London UK

Pedigree - Classical


is an explosive style of Southern Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu predicated on internal power development, sound body mechanics and is expressed in vicious techniques.

100% Authenticity Guaranteed – passed down by Ip Man to Grandmaster Victor Kan- the pre-eminent authority on Classical Ving Tsun and one of Ip Man’s top students from the 1950’s. Internationally renowned as the ‘King of Chi Sau’ and was granted permission by Ip Man to teach the late Bruce Lee the first and most important form ‘Sil Nim Tao’. Ip Man once told his two sons that Grandmaster Kan is the man they should complete their studies with after his passing in 1972.


Great Grandmaster Victor Kan Is Back Teaching.

Observing the Wing Chun nowadays, he will accept invitations for CHI SAO seminar in your country. At the age of 80, he is still very strong to "do CHI SAO with a participant" so they will be able to know and feel what CHI SAO is really like. His purpose is to pass on and share his techniques and experience to all Wing Chun practitioners in the world before the authentic version disappears forever.

His instructors will continue teaching the classical Ving Tsun without any modifications.